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Clear Thinking

Do you feel like your brain is fuzzy as though it might need some fresh air? Is your concentration wavering, are you having difficulty remembering those important details?

Clear Thinking from Nature's Blessings can wake up those brain cells, get you focused, and increase your mental accuracy.

Clear Thinking contains pure essential oils of Rosemary, Basil, Helichrysum, Peppermint and Lemon based in a blend of Safflower, Grape seed, Almond, Sesame and Avocado oils, with vitamin E as a natural preservative.

There are no fragrance oils — which are often toxic to the body — used in Nature's Blessings' products, only pure essential oils, straight from nature herself. Pure essential oils are more expensive than fragrance oils, but they have healing qualities that you will never find in fragrance oils, which are man-made synthetics.

5 ml. bottle just $12

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Rosemary—may help with nervous depression, headaches, nervous and mental fatigue, asthma, bronchitis and viruses. It helps to stimulate the memory.

Basil—can help aleviate mental fatigue, anxiety, concentration, overcoming depression, insomnia, poor memory, loss of smell. It can help us keep an open mind towards situations.

Helichrysum—may help cleanse the blood, circulation, anti-catarrhal, clears the head and headaches. Helps let go of angry feelings that prevent one from forgiving and moving forward in life.

Peppermint—increases mental accuracy. It may help sedate the nerves and is cooling, refreshing and soothing.

Lemon—helps memory improvement, nervous conditions, anxiety, blood pressure. It helps improve physical energy, health and it is invigorating.

Caution—Use with caution during pregnancy. Avoid if susceptible to epilepsy. Use with caution if suffering from high blood pressure. Keep out of direct sunlight after use.


Do not touch the top of the bottle to the skin, as it taints the power of the oil. Hold the bottle a few inches above the left palm and let a few drops fall into it and mix clockwise 3 times with index and middle finger of right hand. Use in the morning after your shower, during the day (when needed) and before retiring.

  • Put on the brow and the back of the neck
  • Put behind the ears and on the temples
  • Put on the wrists
  • Add 5 or so drops to bath water just before getting in
  • Inhale what is left on the palm or fingers

Keep your essential oil bottle out of the light and heat. If a skin rash occurs, discontinue. Do not get in your eyes. If some oil should get in your eyes DO NOT flush with water, as essential oil is not water-soluble and water will push it further into the eyes. Flush with a vegetable oil such as Canola, Olive Oil etc.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These essential oil blends are not a substitute for medical consultation. If you are suffering from any illness, disease or injury you should consult a qualified health care professional.


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